Lexington's East End: A Changing Neighborhood

The East End of Lexington is a changing neighborhood but the question is how much is revitalization and how much is gentrification. Liquor stores have become bakeries; shotgun homes were bought at low prices and refurbished, but some members of the predominately black community feel like they are being pushed out and white people are moving in. It’s a place of extremes, said Griffin VanMeter, a developer and business owner in the area. It’s a place where a multimillion-dollar home sits next to a house with no plumbing. “It really is a peaceful community,” said Mizari Suárez, who has rented in the area for three years and is in the process of buying a home there. “And it’s also a community that worries about things, like gun violence, that are constantly happening in the East End.”

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