A new Kentucky home

Lori Cooley lived in Houston, Texas, for 28 years where her boyfriend passed away in a polo accident. “It was a bummer. I can say that now,” she said.

She said after going through something like that, her brain didn’t work; that she couldn’t process anything, so she moved back with her family in Indiana. “After two weeks in Indiana I remembered why I left in the first place,” she said, prompting her move to Kentucky.

Lori Cooley’s farm is 25 acres, houses a cemetery, barn, both an indoor and outdoor riding ring and a cabin-like home with antebellum roots.

Cooley, 58, shares the farm with her two dogs, three cats, six goats and ten horses, and most recently, 10 chicks.

Cooley had always loved Kentucky, so she began looking for a home here, finding one in Harrison county.“I mean, it’s nothing. It’s not anything fancy, but it fits the bill— with the funky old house and the cemetery...” she said. “I’m super happy here. I’ve never been as happy as I am now. I love this place.”

In the year Cooley has been in Kentucky, she has completed numerous projects on the house and surrounding property including hauling the spare wood out of her barn’s hayloft and creating a kitchen table and overhead lamp for herself.

She’ll do just about anything, but nothing too crazy. “What would happen to my animals?” she joked.

Cooley loves her home, her animals, and is proud of the work she has accomplished. “It was just me, but I got it done,” she said.

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